Spot Gloss Business Cards

Standout with a spot gloss finish for your business cards..!!!

There are ways to make your product standout. Choosing a business card to be more attractive and something different form the conventional square type business cards are really worth.

One of the popular method is apply spot gloss finish on your business card. Spot gloss, or Spot UV is a coating method used in printing materials also known as spot varnish technique in printing industry.

UV coating can be applied to the whole page, or just to certain areas like logos. A combination of matt or gloss  printing technique which is more popular in  ‘stand out’ look over more traditional finishes such as gloss and matt.There are a number of ways this technique can be used in UV coated business cards. Firstly, certain elements of the design can be coated in spot UV to make them stand out more.Rather than coating the whole card, just the images or texts or logo are coated in gloss – the contrast with the other matt laminated surface of the business card really makes this kind of printing stand out from the traditional matt finish or gloss finish business cards. Spot UV business cards enhance the overall look and feel of the finished product.

Customise your product with spot gloss on the logo and a matt cello finish both sides, it would standout from the traditional cards around.

Our premium business cards are printed on a 420 gsm thick card stock.We also use other thick stock, such as 300gsm, 350gsm or 400gsm, it creates a highly polished and luxurious look which is sure to impress. With a matt cello finish both sides and spot UV for your logo is the go. We use waterless printing technology for high quality printing products. Next time thinking to get printed your cards , consider these options.

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