Print ready artwork requirements

Please follow the following instructions while sending a file for print ready file for production. Pint Ready Artwork Requirements File Specifications: Print Print ready files: Print ready file requirement is bleow Bleed: 3mm on all sides Recommended Safe Zone: 3mm in from all READ MORE

Spot Gloss Business Cards

Standout with a spot gloss finish for your business cards..!!! There are ways to make your product standout. Choosing a business card to be more attractive and something different form the conventional square type business cards are really worth. One of the popular READ MORE

Importance of adding bleed to print file

Adding Bleed To Your Artwork finished artwork While lot of graphic designers overlook the importance of adding bleed to their finished files, it is quite common to expect a  call from their client or the printer to fix the issue. What is bleed? READ MORE

Business cards printing

Fast turnaround sustainable printing Sustainable Printing At Allprint we offer a completely fast turnaround sustainable printing process. Our waterless press offers faster turnaround times, more vibrant colours, improved and more consistent print quality, and little to no variation between print runs. This allows READ MORE

Printing Promotional Products

Promotional products printing Importance of promotional materials. At some point while business starts to grow, most entrepreneurs overlooks the importance of keeping up to the competitive market. Printing promotional material to your clients are one way of keeping touch with them. There are READ MORE

Choose between Digital and Offset

  Offset printing is a commonly used technique. In this method inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. Offset printing enables us to provide high quality print in large volumes. The finished READ MORE

New Facilities at Allprint

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Latest News & Info

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